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Granitex écotec mortar

ECOTEC-MORTAR F is a plaster of façades destined to the smoothing and the decoration of interior ripe and external facades.

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Founded in 1969, GRANITEX is now a leader on the national market, thanks to its desire to target performance, develop research and design products of the latest technological generation.


In constant listening to the market, with the right human and material resources, we have made research, innovation and development the cornerstones of the GRANITEX building.


At GRANITEX, we offer our customers products and services with high added value in line with national and international legislation and regulations thanks to an unequaled quality policy.
Granitex is a company specialized in the production and development of admixtures for concrete, coating resin, mortars and printed concrete. Created in 1969 and today has two production units with laboratories dedicated to research and development. With more than fifty years of expertise in the field, we now have a daily production capacity of more than 170 tons of ready-to-use products thanks to qualified technical resources and state-of-the-art technology. makes our products an indispensable ingredient in the largest construction projects in Algeria
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Granitex now offers more than 100 advanced technological solutions (additives, patching, printed concrete, resins, …) to professionals in the field of construction and public works.

Our products are used in the realization of most of the major works in Algeria

The professionals use our products for their excellent quality / price ratio.

They trust us.

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